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Xin Huang | Beijing No.4 High School 16' | UCLA 20'

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology, with triple minor in Film & TV, Bioinformatics, and Digital Humanities in University of California, Los Angeles.

Energetic, positive, and enterprising, I have passion and gifts in the field of natural and historical science. I enjoy a wide range of interests including traveling, research analysis, swimming, documentary photography, hand-crafts, furniture design, etc.

Currently working as a Multi-Media Production Assistant in the Social Media Team at UCLA Studio 22, I have a skill set of most Adobe and Microsoft Office softwares. I also have work experiences as still photographer and as graphic, web, and advertisement designer. I volunteered as a Birthday Chair last year, and will be volunteering at California Poppy Reserve in the upcoming flower season. I am also assisting professor Dr. Arisaka's evolutionary neuroscience research on human's vision and the C. elegans'.

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